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Wartales Deluxe PC

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Wartales Deluxe PC

is an open world RPG where you lead a group of mercenaries in search of riches across a vast medieval world. In this game you have to explore the world, recruit your companions, collect rewards and discover the secrets of ancient tombs. A hundred years have passed since the world witnessed the once great Edoran Empire fall at the hands of an unprecedented plague that swept the nation.
In the chaos and uncertainty that has followed, mercenary work, banditry, and thievery abound throughout the land, as honor has long since become an almost forgotten virtue. Now, prepare to lead a group of unscrupulous characters who enjoy such activities in a massive open world, where combat, death and the thirst for riches shape and define your everyday life. You are not special, the chosen or the once in a millennium hero ushers in a new era of peace.In the game Wartales your goal is just to survive and progress in this harsh and hostile world. Only the bravest and most ambitious can hope to see their story written in Wartales. 

Travel through the gigantic world of Wartales and explore every corner in your quest for fame, fortune and recognition. 
Explore the vibrant villages, relics of a forgotten era, abandoned mines, abandoned camps and more that fill this vast continent with history. With a new twist on tactical turn-based combat, make your way Find your way out of dangerous situations as you encounter wild animals, fearless bandits and more. Recruit new companions with countless specialties, skill sets, weapon preferences leading to multiple builds.
Accept contracts that will help you defend, free, and save the land's many inhabitants, whether they're good-natured humans just trying to get by or those with less than honorable motives. In the Wartales game, strengthen your abilities and those of your companions with a deep and intuitive RPG development system. Improve your group's equipment by collecting materials and crafting powerful new weapons and tools. Expand your camp, adding new facilities, tools and equipment to increase the morale and efficiency of your group.

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