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Tales of Arise PC

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Tales of Arise PC

The expected action and role-playing game and the latest version of the Tales series, which was released in September 2021 for Windows operating systems. This game follows the story of two characters from two different worlds, Dahna and Rena. In the development of this game, a team consisting of old and experienced members of the creator of this series and new developers have been present, and their goal is to save this series again using a dark aesthetic style, this time they They have tried to make the game a little more western so that it is more attractive for the audience of this region. Minoru Iwamoto, the artist of the two games Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria, is also back in this version as the art director and character designer.
The game Tales of Arise is being made using the powerful engine Unreal Engine 4. This version also has the same structure as other games in the series, although the creators have tried to make changes in it by keeping the principles and the base of the fighting system of the series. As mentioned, the game is divided between the two worlds of Dahna and Rena, the former having a medieval setting and the latter having an advanced setting.

Rena's advanced technology and magic allow its people to conquer Dahna and take over its resources and use its people as slaves. The main characters are a man named Alphen from Dahna and a woman named Shionne from Rena who are traveling with each other. According to the producer of this game, Yusuke Tomizawa, the development of this game started before the introduction of Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition in 2018. Its code name was Arise, and the purpose of its construction was to re-evaluate and evolve the Tales series.

While other games in this series used a dedicated internal engine, in this version, the creators have gone to another engine, which allows them to raise the quality level of the game's graphics much higher than before. Now the models of the characters and the animations of the movements have also improved a lot, and the level of technical quality can be considered as the level of 3D movies and series.

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