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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic PC

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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic PC

It is a strategy and simulator game that puts you in the role of one of the high-ranking managers of the communist Soviet Union. The control of all sectors and aspects of the country, including the economic aspects, has been entrusted to you. In the economic field, you have been entrusted with important tasks such as economic planning, management of resources and mines, production of goods, construction, investment and management of urban development, which is unique in its kind. In the economic field, the construction of industrial complexes and parent factories is of great importance, so that these two items are the infrastructure of economic progress. In the Workers and Resources Soviet Republic game, the creation of important communication infrastructures such as roads, water and oil transmission lines, rails, etc. is of great importance, and the better the transmission and transportation system performs, the faster and better the progress will be.

Urban planning and road construction is one of your most important duties as the chief manager of the country. In addition to building houses, you should also strive to build amenities such as green spaces, cinemas, stores, etc., and create an environment full of peace and pleasure for your citizens. Managing citizens and creating jobs for them is of great importance because without labor, progress is practically impossible.
You must carefully divide people among different work sectors such as extracting resources, planting and harvesting crops, etc. Along with the national economy, the infrastructure needed for the international economy is also included in the Workers and Resources Soviet Republic game. You are able to sell your products and raw materials to other countries of the Union or Western countries or buy the necessary goods from them. It is also possible to invest in foreign projects and conclude cooperation agreements with other nations. 

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