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Black Myth Wukong PC

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Black Myth Wukong PC

Black Myth Wukong gameis an action RPG game rooted in Chinese mythology. As the character "Destined", you set out to face the challenges and surprises ahead and discover the obscure truth beneath the glorious legendary veil of the past. The story of the game is based on Journey to the West, one of the four great classic novels of Chinese literature.Explore the vast wonderland in Black Myth Wukong. An unseen world, where new vistas unfold with every step. Enter a fascinating realm full of wonders and discoveries from ancient Chinese mythology. As the Destined One, you'll walk across stunning landscapes in the classic Journey to the West and create a new saga of uncharted adventures.
Fight powerful enemies, old and new, in this role-playing game . Hero monkey, power and fame, enemies rise to test his name. One of the most prominent features of Journey to the West is its different groups of enemies, each with unique strengths. At your destination, you will face powerful enemies and worthy rivals during your journey. Fearlessly engage them in epic battles where surrender is not an option.

Lower your mastery in various spells, spells run rampant, knowledge fly, infinite abilities soar. Charms, transformations, and magical vessels in all their guises, complementary yet antagonistic, have long been symbolic martial elements of Chinese mythology.In Black Myth Wukong as the Destined One, aside from mastering various staff techniques, you can freely combine different spells, abilities, weapons, and equipment to find the winning strategy that best suits your fighting style.
Discover the delightful stories behind each facade. Within creatures of every kind lies the story of a life. Beneath the brutality and cunning of your enemies lies a fascinating tableau of their origins, personalities and motivations waiting to be revealed. As Destiny, you'll discover the stories behind various characters and explore beyond your battles with them to get a taste of the love and hate, greed and rage they once had and still carry.

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