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Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts PC

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Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts PC

In this game, design your warships strategy in any way you want, lead your naval fleet and bring victory to your nation in the competition between naval armies. The game Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts intends to offer players a completely new and unique experience, a real experience of naval battles, which for the first time allows you to play in the most realistic way. You can design the places of your ships in an infinite way and place them and also have a deep experience of naval battles. The developers have focused on the realism of this game, and probably any player who is interested in the dreadnought era and naval battles will enjoy this title a lot.

In this game, you will become the architect of powerful warships and you can control every small and big detail, including small torpedo boats or huge battleships. You can also build famous ships like HMS Dreadnought or any design you have in this game and use it during battles. You can also give a special and unique shape to each ship by making changes in the parapet, armor design, chimney location or towers location. Everything that is in your warships directly affects the operation of the ship, so you should be very careful about the designs and changes you make. Body shape and features, internal upgrades, and weight not only affect your speed and maneuverability, but also the performance of your weapons.

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