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Computer Tycoon PC

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Computer Tycoon PC

It is a simulation and management game that tries to strategically simulate the evolution of computers. You establish your company in the 70s and innovate until the end of 2034, build the best possible hardware and operating system, upgrade your infrastructure and manage the market, promote computer games, Sit on the first platform of the world market and become one of the legends of this industry. The Computer Tycoon game is different from all the management style games you have seen so far, you will have a world map called "Computer Empire" that you must use to manage resources. Take a journey through the history of the evolution of computers. Start your journey as a small business in the 1970s (AD), learn about the early software and hardware inventions that created the infrastructure of today's modern world, and get a taste of what's to come. Find classic computer games and help create a new culture. You should note that your decisions are really important in this game. 

Your decisions in Computer Tycoon game are important and they are very influential during development, use technology to your advantage, improve various design combinations, does your product need more processing capacity or should features and Consider more features for it? Is low price important or credit? Should we change portable computers or design better operating systems? These decisions will have major effects on your company. You need to expand your company in a smart way and operate in different countries, build more offices, factories, laboratories and other required facilities. Developing countries have cheaper labor while developed countries provide you with educated engineers. It is not enough to have the best product, you have to consider the needs of the people and sometimes their needs using Change multiple marketing tools.

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