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Generation Zero Three Wheeled PC

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Generation Zero Three Wheeled PC

This game title is an open world game and has been rendered using the powerful Apex engine. The game environment of Generation Zero includes full day and night, and the game weather is unpredictable. You can play this game as a single player, offline multiplayer and online multiplayer. 
The story of the game Generation Zero takes place in Sweden in 1980. Robots have invaded the countryside and you have to fight them and find out what is happening. Using different tactics, tools and equipment at your disposal, you can deceive your enemies, paralyze or destroy them. You can play alone or with 3 other friends in multiplayer.

With the cooperation of your friends, destroy the enemies more easily and progress faster. Help each other and after defeating the enemies, share the acquired equipment with your friends. In the game Generation Zero, all enemies have a specific purpose and mission. When you destroy an enemy, the damage done to the enemy is permanent. The enemies' artificial intelligence is complex.

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