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The Death Focal PC

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 The Death Focal PC

Experiencing action games and first-person shooters is fun for everyone. Especially when these titles use interesting storylines. If you look at the world of computer games industry, various titles have been introduced by game studios in this field, each of them has its own charm. However, in this post, we decided to introduce you to one of the newest games in this genre. The Death Focal is an action and first-person shooter game developed by Fathi Ahmad Fathi Mousa and published by The Dead Vision. In this exciting title, everything depends only on you and your abilities in shooting with various weapons. Avoid wasting your bullets as much as you can and try to shoot them accurately at your targets.
Although the story of The Death Focal computer game seems cliché, it is very interesting. This game takes us to a period of history and in an apocalyptic world where a great threat is destroying the human race. For this reason, humans have issued a call to gather a group of brave individuals, which is accompanied by competitions. If you are qualified to save the human race, you must first of all be able to overcome the challenges that are set for you. 

The Death Focal game for PC has 10 different levels, in each of these levels you will encounter three waves of zombie attacks. Over time and by going to the next levels, not only the difficulty of these waves will increase, but the zombies will also become more powerful. The aim of these zombies is only to kill you, so do your best to never get killed.
Players have access to a variety of different weapons in The Death Focal game for PC. Weapons, each of which targets zombies in a specific way. To avoid wasting ammo, try to shoot very accurately so that you can kill the zombies in your first few shots, otherwise running out of ammo may cost you your life. Another interesting point in The Death Focal computer game is the experience of this shooter title in different environments with stunning graphics. High graphics, interesting storyline, addictive action gameplay and other things have joined hands to witness a flawless and fantastic game.

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