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Factorio Deluxe PC

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 Factorio Deluxe PC

is a beautiful and entertaining small game that was produced in 2016 for the Windows operating system and is available in 21 living languages ​​of the world. In this game, you control the construction and production of your Pods Shortcode factory, which you have to make bigger and bigger and by buying raw products. and their primary and processing in your home work, put it on the path of success and becoming the biggest factory of your age, and of course, be aware that there are beings in between who do not like your home work and you To deal with them, you must equip yourself and the land where your factory is built.
It should be noted that you have to challenge your intelligence in this game in order to finish the missions and solve the puzzles as well as to use the available resources and their abilities. The gameplay of Factorio is single-player, two-player, two-player online, two-player co-op and also 2D side-scrolling.

To sum up, by putting together the existing factors and the unique reception of gamers around the world, you can play Factorio He called a> among the most successful games of 2016 in his style. Factorio game style is also a simulation/strategy style.
Simulator style is a collection of computer game styles in which the gamer is in charge of the game from 0 to 100, from the beginning to the end, and from the first brick of the game to becoming a large area, in the hands of the gamer. The most popular games in this style include Halcyon 6 and the popular game Ember produced in 2016, and of course the popular game Police Tactics: Imperio. The interesting graphics of the game, along with the uplifting sound effects and scenes full of excitement, will give you many hours of the pleasure of an active game. It is expected that newer versions of this game will be produced and published in the future.

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