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Stay Still 2 PC

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Stay Still 2 PC

is an adventure and horror game that combines narrative and puzzle solving with logical reasoning to obtain relevant and important information to advance the story and discover the truth of the story as well as the mysterious forces behind the organization.
Falling Soul Street is a very busy business district in Putnam City, but in the past two years there have been frequent cases of disappearances here, including strong men, young women, children, and the elderly. Unfortunately, some cases have not been resolved and remain undecided. People don't know when the name of the street was changed to "Soul Street". Rumor has it that "Soul Street" is connected to another dimension, and lost people are sucked into this other world.
As a detective puzzle game, Stay Still 2 uniquely integrates player choices into the game's story, creating a strong narrative drive. Every decision you make, be it searching for clues, solving puzzles, or even small decisions, will have a direct impact on the course of the game's story and the fate of the characters you come in contact with. This unique and innovative design is cleverly hidden in every corner of the game, requiring the player to use observation and reasoning skills to discover it.

During the game Stay Still 2 you will discover secrets hidden in various seemingly insignificant details. Through these clues, you can gradually piece together the truth of the story and solve the puzzle. In the process, you will experience the thrill of pulling the threads out of the cocoon and gradually getting closer to the truth. However, it is also important to note that some of your decisions may lead to unexpected consequences or even put yourself in danger.
You have to use your intelligence and strategy to solve the puzzles and advance the game by exploring, solving puzzles, reasoning and escaping. Each puzzle has its own unique difficulty and challenge and requires you to use different logical thinking skills, spatial imagination and even strategic planning skills to solve it. Each of your challenges may bring unexpected discoveries and rewards, making your gaming experience full of surprises and satisfaction.
In this game players have the opportunity to directly experience the work process of a real detective working on a case. do In this session, players must investigate the complex case in depth and gradually uncover the truth of the incident by collecting clues, interrogating suspects and organizing evidence. The design of this session is very realistic and attractive and makes the players feel like they are in the real world of detective. The player's decisions and actions affect the outcome of the investigation and the end of the game, making the game more interesting and challenging.

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