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Labyrinthine PC

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  Labyrinthine PC

It is a group PC horror game download designed and published in 2020 by Valko Game Studios. You and your friends are tasked to enter a labyrinthine garden and face the evil creature behind it! The creators have tried their best to bring you a scary and terrifying experience that is unique in its kind.
In this winding garden, you will face various environmental puzzles and riddles, each of which will challenge you in some way. In order to find hidden items in the environment and escape from the dark creatures of this garden, you must always be on the move and never stop even for a short time!

Among the most important items in the Labyrinthine game download game, we can mention flashlight and compass. With the help of flashlight, you can inform your friends and other players about your position. Also, having a compass can help you find the right direction and avoid getting lost in the forest. During the game, you will encounter scattered notes. These notes provide important clues to the history and circumstances of the labyrinth and can help you solve this mysterious puzzle. Download Labyrinthine game, don't miss the new season.

This dangerous maze is located in a place called ol' Jonny Honk's Fair, which was once a thriving entertainment and tourist area. The stories about this garden originate from the story of the disappearance of a little boy named Charles. Years ago Charles decides to go to the heart of this labyrinth for the first time.Chazler successfully enters the labyrinth but never returns. After some time, some policemen enter the maze in search of Charles and they too meet the same fate as the boy. Since then this labyrinth has been kept closed by the local residents and no one even goes near it. Downloading the Labyrinthine game for PC can be a pleasant experience for each of you.

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